Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baking at One

Well, as you can tell I am wide awake at one in the morning because, like a professional idiot, I drank coffee way too late. Hence, another post. I'm just waiting for my banana bread to bake, since i had nothing better to do with my time, and so I sit here, eagerly awaiting a slice of deliciousness. (I have actually been waiting all week for my bananas to get ripe enough to bake.)

I got a little more painting done today, and thankfully got all of my graphic design project done, so that I could work on what I really wanted to do. Tonight I started on getting just a little more detail and accuracy in these figures, so that they don't turn out looking so expressive that they lose touch with reality (god forbid that happens!)

So, the detail-oriented side of me was extremely satisfied this evening, and I was able to really enjoy just sitting up in my "cubicle/cubby", all by myself, listening to music and doing what I love most in life. To tell you the truth, this semester has really been the first that I don't feel like painting is almost like another thing I have  to do, but something I really want to do to unwind at the end of the day.. plus I get to do it for credit!

And here is another picture of my painting coming along. I finally started on Jonathan's face, although it is far from being complete as you can tell.

I hope you have a wonderful night!

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